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Swayos – Appetite & Digestion Formula (Activate)


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Appetite & Digestion Formula is created with the perfect blend of Probiotics and selected Ayurvedic herbs ensuring unique and effective blend for digestion support. It helps in maintaining the natural pH of the stomach, detoxifies the digestive toxins and thus aid in digestion & metabolism. The capsule also Stimulates Appetite by enhancing the production of enzymes, B-complex which gives relieve from indigestion, constipation and flatulence.

Swayos – Appetite & Digestion capsule is 100% Natural and has faster onset of action.

Out of stock

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  1. Stomach Pain
  2. Indigestion
  3. Dyspepsia
  4. Flatulence
  5. Appetizer

Adverse Reactions : No Reaction found

Dosage : Take 1- 2 capsules twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Each hard gelatin capsule contains:

Ingredients: Chitrak extract
Common Name: Doctor bush, wild leadwort
Composition: 13.34 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Stimulates appetite and helps in digestion

Ingredients: Pippali extract
Common Name: Pippli, indian long pepper
Composition: 33.34 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Dispels gas from the intestine and helps in treating stomachache

Ingredients: Maricha extract
Common Name: Black pepper
Composition: 7.14 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Increases production of gastric juices and reduces the incidence of chronic indigestion

Ingredients: Sunthi extract
Common Name: Ginger
Composition: 10 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Reduces stomach upset and nausea

Ingredients: Hing extract
Common Name: Stinking gum, asafoetida
Composition: 4.69 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Reduces bloating associated with constipation

Ingredients: Guduchi extract
Common Name: Giloy
Composition: 25 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Helpful in hyperacidity and abdominal pain

Ingredients: Bhringraj extract
Common Name: False daisy
Composition: 50 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Good appetizer

Ingredients: Vacha extract
Common Name: Sweet flag, calamus
Composition: 25 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Stimulates appetite and relieves flatulence

Ingredients: Godugdha satva Powder (Contains Probiotics)
Common Name: N/A
Composition: 56 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Inhibits pathogenic bacteria and enhances the action of above drugs

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60 Capsules /Bottle


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