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Swayos – Liver Protection Formula (Shield)


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Swayos – Liver Protection Formula is created with the perfect blend of Probiotics and selected Ayurvedic herbs and act as a supplement for good liver health.

Shield contains herbs having antioxidant constituents that protect liver cells from free radical damages, strengthen liver cell membranes and stimulate the liver enzymes that combat alcohol-induced oxidative stress. This capsule contains essential herbs for treating liver diseases like fatty liver, jaundice and protect liver from infections like hepatitis. This capsule also help in conditions like liver cirrhosis which is caused by long-term exposure to toxins such as alcohol or viral infections.
Swayos – Liver Protection capsule is 100% Natural and has faster onset of action.

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  1. Fatty infiltration of Liver
  2. Chronic Hepatitis
  3. Toxic Hepatitis
  4. Alcoholic Hepatitis
  5. Viral Hepatitis
  6. Cirrhosis of Liver

 Adverse Reactions : No Reaction found

Dosage : Take 1- 2 capsules twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Each hard gelatine capsule contains:

Ingredients: Bhuiamlaki
Common Name: Dukong anak
Composition: 30mg
Medicinal Benefits: Blocks the enzyme which is responsible for reproduction of hepatitis B virus. Reduces the swelling of liver and increases the bile flow

Ingredients: Katuki
Common Name: hellebore
Composition: 60 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Protects the liver against various hepatotoxins and is a blood purifier

Ingredients: Punarnava
Common Name: Punarnava
Composition: 15 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Useful in treating swelling with its diuretic properties

Ingredients: Haritaki
Common Name: Black oe chebulic myrobalan
Composition: 37.50 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Removes accumulated toxins and supports the functions of liver

Ingredients: Guduchi
Common Name: Giloy
Composition: 20 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Beneficial in preventing the hepatotoxicity produced due to side effects of other drugs

Ingredients: Bhringraj
Common Name: False daisy
Composition: 20 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Rejuvenates the liver and is useful in treating hepatitis and liver cirrhosis

Ingredients: Kalmegh
Common Name: Green chireta
Composition: 15 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Useful in cases of infectious hepatitis and restores liver function

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60 Capsules /Bottle


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