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Swayos – Piles Relief Formula (Pilonil)


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Swayos-Piles Relief Formula is created with the perfect blend of Probiotics and selected Ayurvedic herbs that offers a complete management of Piles by reliving, constipation, pain and itching, control of bleeding, infection and shrinking of the haemorrhoidal mass. This capsule also contain probiotics which helps to maintain the Gut health by inhibiting pathogenic bacteria in the intestine and promotes good bacteria.
Swayos-Piles Relief capsule is 100% Natural and has faster onset of action.

Out of stock

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  1. Piles
  2. Haemorrhoids
  3. Bleeding Piles & Haemorrhoids
  4. Itching
  5. Constipation


Take 1- 2 capsules 2 times a day

15 days in Grade 1 Cases

45-60 Days in grade II & III cases.

One capsule at bedtime to avoid relapse

Each hard gelatin capsule contains:

Ingredients: Khadir extract
Common Name: Kattha
Composition: 10 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Acts as astringent to reduce swelling of pile mass

Ingredients: Apamarg extract
Common Name: Chirchita, prickly chaff flower
Composition: 20 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Reduces the inflammation of pile mass

Ingredients: Kumari extract
Common Name: Aloe vera
Composition: 25 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Anti-inflammatory and laxative in action

Ingredients: Kovidaru extract
Common Name: Kanchanara
Composition: 15 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Possesses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action

Ingredients: Daruharidra extract
Common Name: Indian barberry or tree turmeric
Composition: 10 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Possesses strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action

Ingredients: Neem extract
Common Name: Indian lilac or nimtree
Composition: 50 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Effective anti-microbial and blood purifying agent

Ingredients: Chitrak extract
Common Name: Doctor bush or wild leadwort
Composition: 10 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Helps in complete digestion of food

Ingredients: Erandamool extract
Common Name: Castor bean plant
Composition: 10 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Effective in inflammation and pain

Ingredients: Dhatki extract
Common Name: Fire flame bush
Composition: 10 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Haemostatic action controls bleeding

Ingredients: Haridra extract
Common Name: Turmeric
Composition: 10 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Heals wounds and reduces the discharge of pus, acts as antiseptic

Ingredients: Satva Ksheera Powder (Contains Probiotics)
Common Name: N/A
Composition: 65 mg
Medicinal Benefits: Improves the efficacy of treatment by producing a faster result, and maintains the overall health of the GI Track

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60 Capsules /Bottle


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